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Attentional resources in unilateral spatial neglect
Kjersti Mæhlum Walle

Momentum of Coordination Reform: Changing Rehabilitation Policies and Practices? A Critical Discourse Analysis
Anne-Stine Bergquist Røberg, sykepleier

The effect of cognitive reserve in brain diseases: findings and mechanism(s)
Carl Fredrik Eliassen

High intensity aerobic exercise in ambulatory persons with an incomplete spinal cord injury
Matthijs Wouda


Goal Management Training combined with external cueing and an emotional regulation module in the chronic phase of acquired brain injury. A randomized controlled trail
Sveinung Tornås, psykolog

Clinical utility of cognitive Event Related Potentials (ERP) in severe acquired brain injury
Solveig Lægreid Hauger, psykolog

Critical factors for safe driving after an acquired brain injury
Per Ola Rike, psykolog   


Fall og fallskader blant RMS i Norge og Sverige I (Karolinska Institutet/Sunnaas)
Vivien Jørgensen, fysioterapeut.

Changes in occupational pattern after disability
Annica Johansson, ergoterapeut.

Psychosocial aspects of adults with Marfan Syndrome. A cross sectional study of challenges related to work, satisfaction with life, chronic pain and fatigue
Gry Velvin, sosionom, TRS kompetansesenter for sjeldne diagnoser


Erfaringer fra et rystet selv. Om å leve med kognitive vanskeligheter etter ervervet hjerneskade
Grace I. Romsland

Auditory perception and language comprehension in aphasia - An event-related brain potentials (ERP) study
Frank Becker


Norwegian validation of the Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory (PEDI): assessing
children's ADL skills
Marie Berg - UiO


Physiotherapy after stroke - a lifetime endeavour
Birgitta Langhammer - UiO


Being adult with a "childhood disease" - a survey on adults with cerebral palsy in Norway
Reidun Jahnsen - UiO


Coping with the late effects of polio
Anne-Krisitine Schanke - UiO

Bio-pscycho-social aspects of severe multiple trauma
Audny Anke - Universitetet i Uppsala, Universitetet i Tromsø og UiO


Apathy and psychophysiological hyporeactivity in patients with aquired brain damage
Stein Andersson - UiO


Physical exercise and electrical stimulation in the management of metabolic, cardiovascular and
skeletal-muscle alterations in people with tetraplegia
Nils Hjeltnes - Karolinska instituttet, Stockholm


Metabolic, circulatory and thermal effects of nutrients in patients with complete cervical spinal
cord lesions
Anne-Kristin Aksnes - Karolinska instituttet, Stockholm


Physical exercise in the management of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients
Johan K. Stanghelle - UiO


The validity of neuropsychological syndromes
Kjetil Sundet - UiO


Neuropsychological deficits in right hemisphere stroke patients
Arnstein Finset - UiO


The systemically organized neural basis of language: aphasia syndromes and their recovery
Ivar Reinvang - UiO

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