Experiences with telerehabilitation for aphasia post stroke

Project leader

Clinical Medical Director / Associate professor Frank Becker, MD, PhD, Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital, University of Oslo


This study follows up a randomized controlled trial on post stroke aphasia telerehabilitation:  

  • Øra et al (2020). The effect of augmented speech-language therapy delivered by telerehabilitation on poststroke aphasia—a pilot randomized controlled trial. Clinical Rehabilitation, 34(3), 369-381
  • Øra et al (2020). Technical features, feasibility, and acceptability of augmented telerehabilitation in post-stroke aphasia—Experiences from a randomized controlled trial. Frontiers in Neurology, 11, 671.

In addition to the qualitative part of the trial that is completed, the experiences of patients and therapists with the telerehabilitation services and their participation in the trial were gathered using semi-structured interviews. By shedding light on feasibility aspects through these data gathered using qualitative research methods, we expect to develop a greater understanding of SLT via videoconference and to add to the quantitative results.

Post-doc researcher:

Hege Prag Øra MD PhD, Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital and University of Oslo

Collaborating partners:

  • Melanie Kirmess PhD, University of Oslo
  • Karianne Berg, Nord University
  • Marian Brady, Caledonian University Glasgow

Ethical approvals

REK reference number: 2015/2129


Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital (as part of Hege Prag Øra’s employment as the hospital)

Time period

01.12.2019 – 31.12.2025

Last updated 12/6/2023