Review of 2017

It has been a pleasure to work with the Nettverk this year!

As the group achieved a certain maturity we noticed better sharing of resources and joint working to solve problems. I enjoyed watching the sharing of the "Stroke Cafe" resources especially.

We have met together and had open discussions that included bringing in guests to our network to share updates about their research or about their charities.

I was proud to represent the Nettverk at the European Forum for Rehab Research in Glasgow - where I presented a poster about our work and the role of our closed social media platform ProjectPlace.

Some of us took part in a pre-conference workshop in Sandjefjord and the friendship established between our group were evident and this made an important contribution to the spirit of that conference.

The first part of the year included regular phone conferences where participants discussed a wide range of topics that were minuted on projectplace.These have not kept going in the second part of this year, and it is clear that we need to be better at setting agenda for meetings to make them compelling to dial into. A sustainable future for a network needs to include a decision to keep communicating with each other - with or without a facilitator.

We have been beset by some issues regarding "availability" of some members to do extra work needed to make the outputs really have impact, and there have been a core group who have been a terrific support, contributing and writing, and it has felt a little frustrating as a network leader to know that some others who have been awarded the prestigious places in the network have not been able to contribute very much at all. This leads us to naturally look at the future. In our autumn gathering we started the process of plotting the next phase of the Nettverk that is likely to have a  different structure, not least as we will probably bid farewell to our projectplace closed social media space and discover new tools for helping us get work done. The work underway now concerns archiving and transferring key documents to a new place. 

A more recent highlight of the year that I enjoyed was the moment, when discussing what part of this collection of files is "not important" that the group felt it all valuable. We then found that we couldn't find some key documents on projectplace ... after all - you can attach a document to the "plan" the "card" and "documents folder". Some have found this tricky to navigate. At our autumn meeting we discovered we couldn't find a major piece of work - on driving. I have now retrieved that card and saved an archive copy of it as well. 

An important initiative this year has been to start branching out, with a group of facebook being the tangible evidence of our network connecting, and being of interest, to people all around our region. The next step for this is to see increasing activity from members.

We must keep looking at our objectives and ask ourselves what more can we do collectively to make things better for our patient group. My repeated message to Nettverk members is that you the experts are leaders in your localities, and I hope that membership of this group helps you to feel empowered to exercise that leadership. I am now looking forward to planning our winter gathering that I am hoping will take place at Ahus!

So as the Year draws to a close I am thankful for the sense of friendship amongst you all and your warmth toward me at the meetings. Friendship and fellowship is perhaps our most vital asset. Keep sharing!

Best wishes!

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